Samsung Galaxy S6 Wallet Cases

Galaxy S6 Versus Wallet Case
Wallet cases have always been great as fashion accessories but with the new Samsung galaxy S6 they have became much more than that.

Wallet cases can provide a wonderful protection for your smartphone and can protect it from drops, bruises and scratches as well as any other case.  Here are some of the best wallet cases for Samsung Galaxy S6.

This versus wallet case is great. It is solid, strong, fashionable an very protective. Anyone who is looking for a good wallet case might want to take this one into consideration.

The color of this case is Layered Coffee which is very nice and can be great for daily use as your wallet case.

This wallet case is designed exclusively for the Samsung Galaxy S6 as a brand new wallet case. It is made
with 100% Premium Two Tone Soft Vintage Style PU Leather and has build in Card Pockets to Conveniently Store IDs and Credit Cards.

It has a very nice and modern minimalist look but it is fully functional and can be used as a full scale wallet. If you don't need to carry to many stuff in your own wallet it might even replace it completely.
Kroo® Multi Tribal Coral
Kroo® Multi Tribal Coral

The second case that I would like to show you is this cute Multi Tribal Coral Kroo case. This one wasn't made exclusively for the S6 but the Samsung Galaxy S6 fits perfectly inside.

This wallet case is so nice because of its great looking pattern and colors. It is not the best idea for a guy to have one of those but it is perfect for girls and can be a nice idea for a gift for girls who have a Galaxy S6 smartphone.

The case is made out of beautiful canvas like outer material with grey internal lining.

If you are looking for other great cases for the new Samsung Galaxy S6, take a look at these Galaxy S6 Cases.