Galaxy S6 Cases

Galaxy S6 Spigen Neo Hybrid series
Spigen Neo Hybrid series 
Here is the full list of all the best Samsung Galaxy S6 cases that are available online. All these cases have great Amazon reviews and they are all well knows and tested brands.

The Spigen Bumper style case is a case from the Spigen Neo Hybrid series and it fits the Samsung Galaxy S6 just right. It is a well protective case and it is thin and pretty easy to use and to setup.

The materials which the Spigen Neo Hybridis built of are a combination between TPU and Polycarbonate. this combination makes a strong and a light design which can both protect your smartphone from drops and from scratches. The side buttons of the case are made out of Metabolized poly-carbonate and they provide this case for easy use and a very nice and stylish look. In addition they provide a great protection against scratches.

If you are looking for some extra protection against shocks, Spigen notes that this case also provides an Advanced shock absorption using new shock absorption technology:

Personally I like this case a lot. it locks slick and thin and doesn't hide the natural good look of the Samsung Galaxy S6. It is definitely one of the cases that I Currently like the best.

Galaxy S6 Case, Caseology
Galaxy S6 Case, Caseology

The case on the left is the Caseology Grill bumper. It comes in several different colors that you can choose from but I especially like this red and black look. I think it looks amazing and super stylish.

Basically its a slim fit TPU cover that can provide your case with a pretty slick and a unique look. I think that this red color is perfect for younger people who want to add some energetic feel to their phone.

This case has precise cutouts for easy and improved access to all the ports and buttons that the Galaxy S6 has so you will feel completely comfortable using this case on a daily basis.

The case itself is made is south Korea and Caseology in general is knows to have high quality products so this case is recommended as a young, original and a strong case for a daily use.

Versus two tone side case.
Versus two tone side case
If you are looking for this case in other colors I would suggest to look for the Navy blue color which looks very stylish or the pink color which is very pretty and can be perfect for girls who want a girly Galaxy S6 case.

If I were going for a businessman smartphone look for my Samsung Galaxy S6 I would most probably consider the Versus two tone side case. This case looks very slick and yet very stylish and solid.

The case itself is extremity touch but the great thing about it is although it is very tough it is also very slim comparing to other protective cases and it won't add much bulk to the phone.

If you like the 2 tone design but prefer different colors rather than this black suit design you would be also able t find this case in sugar ping, crystal black or crystal baby pink. All of them look nice but have the same two tone design in common.

Galaxy S6 Case Book Cover Case
Galaxy S6 Case Book Cover Case
If you are looking for a wallet case and want to find one that is really well made and have great slots to fit credit cards, cash, notes or whatever you want to find inside, you can take a look at this case.

When looking at wallet cases you always have to know for sure that their quality is good before you order and this one has a wonderful quality which have been proved in the previous versions of that case for other devices.

One of the benefits of this wallet case is that in addition to its wallet qualities, it also has a stand feature which can be used to place it on your table while you are at home or at work and get a better view angle on your phone without using your hands to hold it steady.

The case is very high quality and it is made out of a high quality Genuine Cordoba leather. The leather prevents the S6 to slip out of your hands. So basically it is also a great grip case for people who are interested in that feature.

As you can see in the video, a lot of hard work, engineering and innovation was put into the new Samsung Galaxy S6 and the price for the device is accordingly high. This is why I think you should put a lot of effort into protecting the device with a good and solid protective case.

There are a great selection of cases which are available out there, made by different manufacturers,, made from different materials. Some of them a great but some of the can be much less than that. this is why it is crucial to know to make the right choice when you are trusting a case to protect you new Galaxy S6 or your Galaxy S6 edge smartphone.